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Circle Cut with Swirly Embroidery Wedding Veil

Circle Cut with Swirly Embroidery Wedding Veil
Circle Cut with Swirly Embroidery Wedding Veil

 Luxurious yet elegant, this bridal veil offers a generous width and a handy waltz length, when being long enough, the veil still leaves the bride full freedom of motion. It falls down from the comb in widening folds, coming around the bride's shoulders, getting sheer on the bottom. 

And this is where two rows of beautiful embroidery 

silhouette of graceful folds arching along its bottom edge and beautiful embroidery.

a chains stitch embroidery of a repeated pattern of a fantasy plant, with a swirly stem, bending and arching along the edge.

Because of the way it is cut  ( a half circle), the edges of this veil are not sewn into the comb but fall down in layers of curves, making this style a perfect option for a defining edge finish. Doesn't matter how richly decorated its edge will be, it is never overpowering as all that comes around the bride's face is just a gentle fold of tulle.

The delicate embroidery is shown in two rows on each of the veil's tiers and looks really splendid here as if magically suspended in the air, weightless on the sheer tulle. 

When worn high on the head, the veil spread a bit more, brushing the bride's shoulders and spreading over her back. This way the embroidery on it will be visible the most. The side edge of it on the front would fall around the bride's chest, arching down to the lower back.

When worn low, it will tend to stay in firm folds on her back.

  • The veil is 150 cm wide and 107 cm long
  • Available in several colours
  • Attached to a comfortable metal comb

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  • Model: Veil2
  • Dimensions: 107.00cm x 150.00cm x 0.00cm

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