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Irish Wedding Car Decoration Shamrock Garland Green Cans

Irish Wedding Car Decoration Shamrock Garland Green Cans
Irish Wedding Car Decoration Shamrock Garland Green Cans

Irish Wedding Car Decoration 

Set Of Shamrock Garland And Green Tin Cans

It can not get more Irish than this, with the splash of green colors and iconic shamrock shape!

Decorate your wedding car with a garland of shamrocks and a string of green tin cans to depart after your wedding ceremony in the most beautiful way! Bad spirits don't stand any chance to even come close to the newly wedded couple being guarded by the noisy cans and beloved Irish symbols shamrocks, which druids believed to be sacred and able to keep evil away.

The shamrocks in the garland are made of green felt and the decoration can be used later on, for all the St. Patrick's Day celebrations to come. How nice will it feel to touch these  every year and remind yourselves that these were actually used on your wedding day?


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