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Scottish Wedding Car Decoration Bunting And Blue Cans

Scottish Wedding Car Decoration Bunting And Blue Cans
Scottish Wedding Car Decoration Bunting And Blue Cans

Scottish wedding car decoration 

Set of an embroidered bunting and tin cans in blue and white

Honor your Welsh heritage and its unique traditions at your wedding day with this bespoke getaway car decoration!

A colorful bunting, embroidered with beloved Welsh symbols, paired with strings of noisy tin cans in national red, green and white make a beautiful and meaningful decoration for a getaway car.

The iconic Welsh symbols of The Red Dragon, The Leek, The Daffodil, Prince of Wales' Feathers, Celtic Tree of Life, The Lovespoon with Celtic knotted border, look beautiful on the little flags and make a meaningful and elegant wedding decoration.

Not only the bunting will grace your wedding car in truly Welsh style and look great on pictures, but you can re-used it for years to come- for every St. David's Day you will celebrate as a new family.

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