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Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge

Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge
Waist Wedding Veil satin Edge

One picture of understated elegance, this `bridal veil is all about classics!

Cut in a traditional shape with rounded lower edges. it falls down in two layers of folds and has a silhouette resembling an inverted flower tulip or a champagne flute. Its edge is finished with a satin bias tape, which we cut out of a soft, lightweight fabric, so the finishing would not distort the curves of the veil but follow them, accentuating their grace. 

The satin edging will respond to the light with soft glimmering every time the bride makes a move, adding even more interest to her ensemble. This finish is often a subject of customisation: for instance, if the bride wants to wear a white or ivory veil with a red gown, then, a red edging on the veil is just what is needed for a complete look.

Because of its subtle presentation, the veil can be worn with any bridal gown and worked into several hairstyles. 

When worn high on the head, the veil will spread over the bride's shoulders and back, when anchored low, for instance under the hair bun, it will be more compact in shape, falling down in firm folds.

The veils in our regular assortment are always in stock, however, we are able to make such a veil in several other colours.

  • Waist length veil (150 cm wide and 75 cm (lower tier) and 45 (upper tier) long
  • Colours of tulle and satin edging can be customized
  • Order it per post or visit our boutique to pick it up

A beautiful elegant veil to pair with any bridal dress, this veil features two tiers cut in a classic rounded shape and satin edge.

The veil is cut from bridal illusion 150 cm wide and falls down from the comb to about 140 cm. 

It can be worn low or high on the head. With short hair, braided long hair and a very low-positioned hair bun it can be worn high on the head. Won this way, the fabric of the veil has more freedom to spread, bushing the bride's shoulders and tending to slightly come forward in motion.

When worn low, with the comb hidden under the hair bun, the veil forms draped folds, which remain on the bride's back with very less of movement.

The satin finish defines the veil silhouette, pointing attention to its graceful curves with the lines it draws along the edge. 

The satin finish is available in several widths.

Its colour can be customized if required.

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