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Custom Embroidery Services

bridal bodice embroidery

We are happy to provide custom embroidery - not only for weddings but for all other celebrations, as engagements, newborns, birthdays, funerals. 
We offer a wide range of ready to buy embroidered veils, bridal wraps and gloves, but if you have a special pattern or a personal monogram in mind, this is the place to come to.

We own a library of thousands of patterns and monograms to come as close as possible to your idea. 
On the computer screen, we will see together how your suggestion gets into a pattern, how this pattern gets combined with the others, till they are all lined into the very personal embodiment of your creativity.

Embroidered towels and bathrobes have always been a luxurious and gladly received type of birthday gift- we are able to make them, too. 

Embroidered in our studio, they can be immediately gift wrapped so you are ready to go straight to the party.

Embroidery brings beauty and personal touch to so many items in our lives there are not enough words to describe it.
Please don't hesitate to call us even if you are not sure where your imagination leads you- together, we will look for all the possible creative solutions, which will surely result in the best ever custom design.

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